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I have been a victim of Titan Trade, and they have stolen my money ($25,926.75).


In a futile attempt to get my money back after months of trying everything I could think of, I've come to realize that Titan Trade is a full on Fruad/Scam, and I'm here offering a valued public service in providing proof of this to you, hopefully before they steal your money too! 


If you've already been scammed by Titan Trade, my hope is that this site may both inspire others to do what they can to fight back, and to provide some ideas on some actions we can do in that effort.


The following is the demand notice that I sent them in yet another attempt to get my money.  Even with this website going online as a clear threat to their business/scam, they STILL will not give me my money.


Truly unbelievable... I honestly expected they would want to avoid having their fraud operation so publicly exposed, but I was wrong... all they care about is keeping my money, with no regard for the long term impact of a site like this one. Seems pertty stupid, even for criminals!  


I am building a more detailed and specific site as indicated in my demand notice to them below, but I wanted to get something online quickly to save as many people from being scammed and becomming a victim as possible. 


Below is the message I sent to TitanTrade... I recieved the typical and expected response (no reply at all).


You judge for yourself if you'd like to send your hard earned money to them... 





This message has been sent to Customer Care/Support, Owen Melon , and John Louis, so there is no denying it was sent and received.


I’ve now reached my limit, and I’m no longer interested in listening to the BS from Titan Trade’s totally incompetent “customer service” department that knows nothing, and can do nothing.


It’s become very clear that Titan Trade is a full on scam/fraud, posing as a real company, and I’m going to expose TitanTrade for the scam it is.  I’ve kept impeccable records from day one due to my concerns about the way John Louis operated in the beginning (extreme high pressure sales).  These high pressure tactics like “I must have your money TODAY”, were a red flag, and enough of a warning for me to proceed with great caution.   


As I had concerns from the start, I recorded every call with voice, captured every conversation with screen capture, and kept every text message through Skype and the "customer care" portal. I’ve kept all records of funds transfers and the many completely unanswered emails I sent in attempts to get some support from the many different Titan departments including “Compliance”.  


In short, I have a detailed record of all communications with Titan Trade. It has become quite clear Titan’s strategy is to simply do everything possible to stop its clients from accessing their funds. In other words, customers can make deposits, but not withdrawals.


I’ve just purchased the domain name , and I’m about to begin putting together a website that will warn potential “victims” of Titan Trade to stay as far away as possible from your unethical and corrupt operation if they wish to keep their money, as even if they do make a “profit”, they will not be able to attain that money... EVER!  


You may question that what I’m saying is true regarding my record keeping and the resources I have for the website, so below is a draft of the site and example of the content that I have to prove that Titan Trade is a scam / fraud.


The link below is a recording of one of the earlier calls I had with John.  I selected this one specifically as John states very clearly at 1 minute and 10 seconds into this call - if I increase my account value (which I did) my withdrawals would be processed “Immediately” by Titan Trade.





I have a large database of all communications with Titan and I will edit and organize all content so it will show the relevant information allowing the WARNING message to come across loud and clear.

I will show how it all started when John got completely out of control trading my account with reckless abandon.



























































I will then show how he responded to my concerns and desire to withdraw my money (before it was all lost due to his completely irresponsible trading...that did not at all comply with what I was told in the beginning (again, I have recorded John's clear explanation of how he will adhere to Titan’s 5% per day trading policy).  Certainly not aligned with the way he was risking half my account on a initial single trade, which was clearly for his own benefit.


Once my concerns were received and John became aware of my desire to get money out of Titan Trade, all the sudden my account stopped working (so I couldn’t make a withdrawal if I wanted to). I have copies of the email with the screen shot that I sent to your customer service showing “Not a valid username or password” that I realize now was “designed” to lock me out of my account and keep me from accessing my money.

I will prove with video/audio that I’m not making anything up... I will just share the truth.

Here are some extractions from my Skype attempts to connect with John that will stand as an example of the treatment investors can expect.

















































































































As all will see, I had been trying everything possible to stay calm and to be kind, hoping to appeal to John’s sense of compassion hoping that he has some sense of right and wrong, and might finally help me... even if that just meant allowing me to log into my own trading account.


I finally got through after John had been avoiding me for about three weeks.  I could only get him to answer my calls when I put enough pressure on through the customer service people, and even then it took a multitude of attempts (all of which are recorded/captured and will be included on the website).


Here is the call I had with John as shown on the Skype screen capture below..


This link is the recorded call from that Sept 25th discussion at 8:34am having a time duration of 2:40.



John speaks about my “screaming” on this call... but to whom could I scream, as there is no one to scream to... the only way to communicate is text with the completely incompetent “customer care/service” department, and I will include copies of every text for all to see exactly what “screaming” I was doing, and why.


In addition, I will show the response I got from John after he said... “I’ll just be a couple minutes and I’ll call you back” (quoted from call).


He did not call me back at all... EVER! 






























I will then show the string of texts in Skype from me to John, where I literally beg for him to be an “honest” man, and respond to me, or if he didn’t want to speak with me, to even to just allow me access to my account that I’d been locked out of for over a month... but of course he did not respond at all.  John calls himself Jewish... what a Joke that is!




























You can see how gracious I was thanking him for even just sending me a text response blowing me off again with... “not working today – its Sukot”

























































I will show the many email and other attempts to withdraw funds through other departments (compliance department included) to eventually learn that there is only one way to make a withdrawal and that is through your investment account online with Titan (after you’ve logged in).  This then ensures that Titan investors don’t get access to their money, and Titan can justify your inability to access your account as “technical problems” that can simply go on for months or years until the investor simply gives up, and Titan keeps the investor’s money. 


Through sharing these communications, I will show the endless lies and deceptions investors can expect from Titan when they ask for their money.  I offer a few examples here but will take my time to ensure only the best and most convincing content gets included in the website.






























By now potential new investors/victims viewing will have a pretty good idea of how they will be treated by the “customer care/support” and the “brokers” at Titan Trade.
































People will see that it doesn’t matter how upset you may be, nor what threats you make in attempt to get access to your own money... Titan Trade could care less about you receiving service of any kind.... all they care about is keeping your money!

From here, I’ll show the more recent completely fruitless efforts to get my capital as the weeks and months go by (not exactly the promise John made me on the recorded call... that I would get my money “immediately” when I wanted it). Rather the lies and deception simply continued to escalate with new and more elaborate BS...

Your prospective investors/victims will see for themselves what Titan Trade is, as I show proof of the lies and deception victims can expect to get from the Titan Trade “customer care”. 


Lies such as “It takes 10 to 14 business days for a VISA deposit to show up”....


And ... that someone cancelled your withdrawal request, but I can’t tell you who..


How convenient that my withdrawal attempts were always cancelled, followed by my being locked out of my account, knowing that I can’t get into my account again to make another withdrawal request (which can only be done when logged into your account. So back I go to where I was many months ago. Once Titan realized that I wanted my money and planned to leave, I was locked out permanently, and they would no longer reset my account and let me have access at all.

I will make sure that people don’t assume that just because Titan Trade continues to operate its online brokerage that does not suggest a legitimate business at all. People will see for themselves exactly how Titan Trade orchestrates their fraud.  Rather than outright “stealing” your money, which would eventually put Titan out of business, instead they’ve set up an elaborate fraud/scam that will simply make it impossible for you to access your capital, and thus your money is stolen by default through their clever but corrupt process designed to deceive people and steal their money.


I will go on to show that when finally....  after “screaming” for months, and after I had decided to submit fraud claims with VISA and other relevant organizations (and advised Titan of this) I got a call from another broker named Owen Melon.  When I told Owen I'd been locked out of my account for months, it took him literally just a few seconds to reset my online account to allow me access again. He acted as though their trading platform was great, and my investment was safe.

I told him over and over that I wanted to withdrawal my account and he argued with me saying things like, there must be something very wrong with me if I don't even like to make money. Owen also said that as they had been helping me "manage" my account, I owed it to them to leave that money with Titan.


When I refused to have anything further to do with Titan Trade and demanded my money, I was offered the expected response, and the same treatment I got from John...  Owen hung up on me.


Of course, having access to my account for the first time in many months I took a screen shot (below) as further proof of my account value.
























Through this exceedingly painful process, I have confirmed over and over my account value as I’m expecting any day to be told there’s no money at all in my account.


So finally having access to my account, I proceeded to attempt to make a withdrawal request for my entire account value.


As expected, upon pressing the withdrawal request "submit" button, I was locked out again as the screen immediately went to "wrong username or password". That was the last time I’ve been able to access my account, and of course my withdrawal request was again ignored. 


Below is the screen shot taken after that withdrawal request so investors/victims can see what they will have to deal with when they try to withdraw their money. 






























All of this information will stand as the indisputable truth regarding Titan Trade and the kind of fraudulent operation it is.


No more idle threats............ this is what it’s come to.


So now it’s up to you.... I want EVERY penny of my account value withdrawn and back to my personal account within 24 hours, or I will complete the warning website for all to see. 


I assure you that over time, the site will cause TitanTrade a loss that is many times greater than the $25,926.75 that my account is worth, and you are clearly planning to steal.


If my creating this website and posting it online still does not compel TitanTrade to give me my money, this will just be the beginning of my efforts. I will contact every scam and fraud organization that will listen, or that could possibly care (eg. 


As well, I will be sure to contact all associated organizations that Titan deals with (eg. Algo Capital) to ensure they are well aware, if they are not already, of the kind of operation Titan Trade truly is. 


The longer it takes to get ALL my money, the more pissed off and motivated I will become to expose Titan Trade’s scam/fraud operation.


With extreme regret,




End of message to Titan Trade...



Although I've confirmed that my message was received, I have still not had any response at all... which is what you can expect when you try to get service of any kind from Titan Trade. 


When speaking with the VISA fraud department, I was told that there are many complaints like mine. I've had several conversations with my bank's VISA department and several with VISA international. I proceeded to submit a claim for Fraud at the bank level but have been informed that binary option brokers like Titan have set up a very cleaver loophole in the system and it is virtually impossible to get at them through these traditional channels. 


That said, I've learned there are ways victims can push back against this fraudulent activity. 


There are already red flags all over Titan Trade and other "binary option" brokerage firms, and VISA is well aware, of and becoming increasingly concerned about, this activity and the highly negative association VISA has through providing its services to these companies that they know are scamming people. 


VISA international informed me that they've been shutting down access to other fraudulent businesses in similar areas.... online gambling sites and betting sites of all kinds are being shut down on a regular basis, and for the same reasons Titan Trade needs to be out of business... he mentioned numerous fraudulent businesses such as which can no longer accept or use credit cards in their scam operation.


I've come to accept that I've lost my money, and will likely never see any of it again. My hope is that perhaps I can get back at these criminals through informing others, and through hopefully inspiring others to push back as well in any way they can. Honestly, these people truly belong in prison, and my hope is one day that will happen as more victims bring this fraud operation to the attention of the authorities that can take action in shutting Titan Trade down, and bringing those involved to justice.

Let's work together and let's shut these criminals down!

Remember to keep accurate records and build out your credible story so you can share it with the online community, credit card companies, the police, and other crime prevention resources. Together I believe we can put these crooks out of business!


Kind Regards.................Jonathan
















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